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4 Tips for Making a More Engaging Video for your Blog

Engagement is often defined in a variety of ways and remains one of the more ephemeral metrics used to measure the effectiveness of a video. For blog videos, there are many ways in which engagement is measured, including the duration spent watching a video, number of comments, number of shares, total page views by the visitor, and overall time spent on the blog. Today in this article, we will share 4 tips for making a more engaging video for your blog.

Be direct – especially at the startDid you know that most viewers will decide within the first 7 seconds whether they want to continue watching a video? That is the amount of time that you have to convince them your video is worth watching, and so you should be as direct as possible.

Keep all your videos shortAssuming you do convince a viewer to stay and watch your video, the last thing that you want is for their attention to wander. Keeping your videos short can help in that regard, and you should maintain a tight focus on your topic unt…

3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Website Secure in 2018

Did you know that more than 30,000 websites are hacked on an average per day? This happens because many website owners are not concerned about the safety of their websites and leave them vulnerable for the hackers to exploit.

Each day we are greeted with at least one news of a big brand being hacked. Quite recently some of the bigger players in the industry have been hacked that includes Uber, Bitcoin agencies, banks, credit reporting agencies, etc. In fact, even government websites have been under attacks.

It does not matter what kind of a site you have, it can still get hacked even if you feel you have no important data on the site. Hackers hack for various reasons, and these days the reason seems to be to use a website to mine cryptocurrencies. This means all the websites are vulnerable.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to keep your website well secured. Let’s have a look at the 3 simple tips to keep your website secure in 2018.
1. Update The ScriptsScripts are open source programs…

Tips & Tricks for Making an Online Small Business Successful

Gone are the days when people only use to invest in offline businesses. With unlimited information available in the palm of one’s hand, it’s no wonder so many companies are turning to the digital space to make an impact. As a small business online, you need to learn the best way to cut through the noise of the competition. There’s a lot of things distracting your ideal customer on a daily basis, so what sets you apart? Anyone can be successful online with the right skill, but does your business have what it takes? In this article, we will show you tips & tricks for making an online small business successful.

Go MobileMore shoppers than ever before are making purchases from their smartphones. Now consumers can browse everything from groceries to exotic vacations all from their smartphones. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing a huge customer base. eMarketer, a leading digital marketing researcher, recently published a report showing e-commerce sales grew over 44% in …

Make SEO Easy with Ubersuggest Keyword Research Tool

SEO is most essential part of getting your website ranked on the top in search engine results. SEO can do your marketing, and increase your sales in no time and if it is done rightly, there is no better marketing than SEO. The results of good SEO strategies have made it possible for many businesses to stand at the top of the competition and beyond the traditional marketing, still reaching the target audience in most effective ways. In this article, we will make SEO easy with Ubersuggest keyword research tool.

Since SEO is so important for businesses, many have recognized its potential and formulated SEO tools which help in the smooth implementation of most effective SEO strategies. The most important step in implementing SEO is finding the right keyword for the right audience. Not finding the right keyword can have no positive effect on the whole SEO campaign. If you can just find the words people use when they are searching for any product or services that you provide; most of your SE…

Top 7 Best hosting Service providers in Pakistan

It’s the age of technology, and Yes it is true you can earn while sitting at home there are many bloggers, developers, designers and freelancers working online and making a decent amount of money. While many bloggers are still struggling to get to the peak, many are newbies out there who are looking for How Blogging Works and Does it profitable, to those I would say yes It pays but it requires commitment and dedication towards work. Before starting that all everyone needs a better web hosting and in this article, I am going list best web hosting in Pakistan. If you think that you can become rich in a matter of days or months, don’t go for Blogging however If you have skills you can start earning in days from Freelancing by solving others problem and developing software, designing logos, etc.
Well, let’s cut the crap and come to the main point If you are reading this article it means you are looking for a reliable and cheapest web hosting in Pakistan, it is a bit difficult to find a good…

7 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies for Better Ranking in 2018

SEO is highly essential for your online business because it helps you reach your target audience more efficiently and increases your business sales because of its ability to stand you out in the ever growing competition. Search engines have gotten smarter with time, and that’s why SEO strategies are also being upgraded with time. The most advanced SEO techniques help your business to stand out from the competition because of innovative nature of these techniques and their abilities to communicate with the audience better. Today in this article, we will show you 7 advanced SEO techniques and strategies for better ranking in 2018.

As the Google algorithms have become advanced, it no longer supports the content which is irrelevant and immediately identifies any blackhat SEO techniques used and disregards them accordingly. Now only the real deals will work because of smarter algorithms, people who work for their SEO will be in the top results of Google search.

1. Use of snippetsAn excellent…