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What is the Best Coupon Code for Me?

What is the Best Coupon Code for Me? We have several coupon codes you can use towards your web hosting order. These coupons apply to the web hosting portion of your order and the following restrictions apply: Coupons only apply to web hosting and cannot be applied toward other services such as domain registration or addons.Coupons can only be used on your initial invoice for a new order. You cannot use a coupon for renewals.The minimum charge for new orders with a coupon is $0.01 (one penny).Coupon Code for Current Promotion: 20% Off
The 20% off coupon can be used by new and existing customers. The discount is applicable to the first invoice of new hosting plans and will be automatically applied during sign-up once you select a billing cycle. You can maximize your savings by ordering your new package for the longest billing cycle available. In addition, for Shared hosting plans, if you sign up for a billing cycle of 12 months or more, we will discount the monthly price.
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